Looking for Coach Vintage Collection

  1. I am looking for a red destressed leather vintage collection coach. In chicago 3yrs ago I had seen this purse. Does any one have pictures or know if I have this right? Also I am kinda thinking something about a Hippie bag. But I dont know. I loved the purse but bought a Ocelot special edition instead. Any help would be great.
  2. wowsiers, that sound so pretty. i want to see pic's of this collection!
  3. I would try eBay.
  4. I have been searching eBay for awhile. I do not keep old cataloges. But I have seached the net trying to find old coach limite editions with no luck. Thanks
  5. im lookin for ya and i havent seen it yet either... ill keep lookin for a bit
  6. Thanks guys. I usually can find anything searching the net, not this time I know I did not dream this purse up.:yes: