Looking for Coach Signature Pocket Satchel????

  1. HI,
    I'm looking for the Coach signature pocket satchel tote. The large one with either gold or white trim? Any suggestions on where I can get one? Not really into eBay.
    Thanks!!!! Thepursegirl:heart:
  2. Do you have a pic or a style #? That would help. If it's an older style, other than eBay, your best bet would be the outlets.
  3. The number inside is 6232
  4. they are still available through jacksonville..sorry i don't have the 800 # with me at work
    but i had been looking for this same sachel and was able to locate some there in both the gold or khaki trim
    beautiful bag, good luck!!!!
  5. Hi Cathi~
    Jacksonville? Do I call the Coach # and they'll tell me who has it? Or is this in a outlet? Let me know.
  6. I believe it's the distribution center in Jacksonville.