looking for coach camera case 6A57

  1. I noticed that it is on eBay alot and with the outlet dustbag and tags.

    It is the signature c's universal case #6A57.

    I was wondering where everyone is buying them?
    I went to my nearest coach outlet and they did not have any.
    Is it only coach outlets that are signature carries because the outlet I went to was a leatherware coach outlet.
  2. I've only seen them at the outlet and only signature outlets have them. Unfortunately they won't charge ship either. Call your local outlet and ask where your nearest signature outlet is. I have one that is an 1.5 hrs away and another that is 1.45 hrs away. Best bet is to try eBay if you don't have one near you or call 888 and pay full price if they have them available.
  3. i have that one! totally worth trying to track it down! (i also got mine in, oh, january?)