Looking for clutch or shoulder in one of the bold pinks

  1. Does anyone know if there are any chutch's (makeup) or shoulder's still around? Ideally I'd love an 04 Rose or Magenta.

  2. There was one on eBay, not sure if its still there or not. Keep your eyes open. There has some been some really great bags on eBay lately.
  3. Oh really? I was thinking there hasn't been much on eBay lately so I thought I would actually involve myself on this forum for a change :smile: So, you have a clutch in Vert Gazon! Do you have pics? How do you use this bag? Would you consider it to be a stand alone piece?
  4. I have an Oval Clutch. LOVE it. Definitely a stand-alone piece, and it holds as much as the First.
  5. theres a magenta and vert grazon MU clutch on ebay right now!! get it!! get it!!

    And i think the MU can easily be used as an accessory or a stand alone piece....good luck in ur hunt!

    p.s. this is my 600TH!!!!! post.
  6. I use it as an evening bag, it's perfect for a night out. I love it!! I actually got two one for me and my mom, but, my mom didn't like the color (shes a neutral gal), so I have to sell the other one.

  7. How about an 04 Rose clutch or shoulder. Does anyone know where I can get one? Or better still, does anyone have Rose pics???
  8. Saks Fifth Ave in Boca Raton, FL had a Magenta shoulder about a week ago. 561 620 1355 Al Reemer is a fab SA, so is Debbie

    I wish you well,

  9. Thanks Bridget - love your Avatar flower!