Looking for CLs for work, Advice Appreciated!

  1. I would love to get a pair of black CLs mainly for work. I'm thinking of a closed toe pump in leather, suede or patent, maybe Piaf pump or Decollete?? I work in a bank and typically wear suits or pants/skirts. With so many great CL styles I'm a bit confused where to begin. Any advice/suggestions are appreciate!!! TIA!
  2. I work at a law firm and I wear my black simple round toe pumps. They look great with everything! You can never go wrong with these! Very comfortable!! $530 available at Barneys
  3. Here's a recent discussion of CL's for the work/professional environment.....


    I think of the ones you mentioned, Piaf in leather or patent would be nice (not too high of a heel, relatively comfortable, pointy-toed, would look great under suit pants or a skirt). Decollete 868 is the best-looking, most perfect classic pump but I would not recommend it for walking or to the office (great for car-to-dinner events, but it's not one of the more comfortable CL styles). IMHO though there are many better-looking, more CL-ish styles than the Piaf (without the red sole, "Piaf" can easily pass for any other designer pump, so I prefer to get something with a classic/signature CL cut, toe shape, or heel).
  4. I would be all over the simple pump, gwenissima, and decollete. I'm all over those anyway. ;)
  5. Thanks hsl521, foxycleopatra and blackbird!!!

    Foxy -- thanks for refering me to the other thread, somehow I missed that before -- love the Wherever 100s and Clichy 100s you suggest.

    Still so many choices, I just need to get to the store and try some on. But thanks to your suggestions I feel a bit more educated about what styles to try. Thanks again!!!