Looking for classic pumps...

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  1. Does anyone still make them? I know Ferragamo, Bally, and Bruno Magli once did, but I haven't been able to find any in nearly 10 years.

    I am looking for a classic pump, natural shaped toe, 3 inch princess heel, in taupe or light gray.

    Where oh where can I find one?
  2. I'm not sure what "princess heel" means, but you should check out the Christian Louboutin Simple pump in the 85mm heel.
  3. Manolo, Pradas, Ferragamos, and CL make beautiful classic pumps.
  4. what's a natural shaped toe? no idea what princess heel is either....

    what price range are you looking for? i second the louboutin simple pump suggestion, but if you're looking for something lower range, nine west, guess, charles david all make very classic pumps.
  5. I :heart: Zanotti & CL Simple Pumps... classic & comfy...
  6. i heard a lot about louboutin's "simple". perhaps you might want to visit the CL sub and take a look?
  7. Simples would be a great option and they have a range of heel heights, colors and finishes (patent, suede, leather, glitter, etc.)
  8. have you tried Delman?

  9. Thanks for the replies.

    I do like CL, actually, but they don't have a taupe or light gray. (Well, they do, but it's in patent.)

    The JCrew is too thick of a heel.

    The Delman is patent, and I wanted a slightly rounder toe.
  10. I know most ladies here hate them, but I've found classic pumps at Nine West at a reasonable price. They're good to beat around at work.
  11. I'll take the Prada if you can knock a half inch off the heel! 4 inches is just too high for me. That color is pretty much spot-on.