Looking for Classic Leather Handbag

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  1. I'll soon be up to my neck in student debt, but I thought I should grow up a bit and purchase a good quality leather handbag to last me over the next couple of years of ramen noodle eating.

    I'm hoping to spend under $250 US, or $300 Canadian. (Is it even possible to get one with that budget?)

    As my user name suggests I'm fashion inept, so I need help finding something simple, that will last through the seasons and trends.

    I was thinking this Coach Ergo Leather Small hobo or I saw this bag at Banana Republic that caught my eye....but I'm guessing Banana Republic doesn't cut it. Also any suggestions for messenger bags that will get me through another 4 years of school?
  2. Welcome :smile: It is definitely possible to get good quality leather bags under $200 or lower.

    Regarding messenger bags, will non-leather bags do?

    PS Are you in the US? Because it won't be any point suggesting bags from ebags for instance if you don't live in the US :smile:
  3. Thanks for the quick replies and the welcome! I'm a little intimidated here!

    I'm in Canada, but I can try to find a retailer in Canada that will sell the same bags as ebags. Or see if they ship to Canada, it probably just means I might get docked at customs.

    As for messenger bags i'd like to put my laptop in, and I'd like to get leather or something more professional looking if possible.

    Thanks for the suggestions passerby! I like the first and third one!
  4. Cole Haan and Coach both have nice leather bags in your price range.
  5. welcome! i'd definitely check out some coach, cole haan, tano, francisco biasia and go to the lunaboston.com website...they have AMAZING bags and SUPERIOR sales help there and they will give you a discount as well...sometimes i've remembered the coupon code and sometimes not, but they honor it anyway...they have tons there...also, dooney and bourke has a great hobo right now; the leather is gorgeous and it has a great, classic looking silver clip...check them out and let us know what you got!
  6. Other than the names already suggested, I was going to add Latico to the list, both for computer bags and leather bags.
  7. I think Banana Republic has nice bags for the money. I find the leather really soft and the bag that I own has held up well. If you go that route the code BANANASUN will get you 20% off.

    Others mentioned Coach and Cole Haan. You could also buy a small or discounted Dooney for that price. They are another classic brand.
  8. Tano bags are great and many would meet your needs. The first one shown below is $165 (you can take off the tassels) and you can use a 20 percent discount with the code GRECHEN.

    I highly recommend Ani bags. Try www.anibags.com and ask if they have deals (Ani is on hiatus but I hear that she answers the phone and email.)

    I have the one below, in a different color. You can get it for 25 percent off of $287 at Fengjunk (http://www.fengjunk.com/index.php/manufacturers_id/50) and free shipping with the code GRECHEN.



    Let us know what you decide.
  9. depending on size, leather quality, ect that you are looking for.. try...
    www.coach.com they have LOTS TO CHOOSE FROM!! go ahead have a field day!
  10. I should have added that the Tano I show above was from www.lunaboston.com but it's gone now.

    Also, the Cameron medium Ani bag could hold a small laptop, but it wouldn't be ideal. The larger Ani bags (also available from LunaBoston) could more comfortably hold a laptop but they are more expensive (but you might be able to get a deal from Anibags).

    Musthavebag would be a great resource for Tanos, your best bet, I think.
  11. i like the first one....
  12. Thanks for the great suggestions guys! I really love a lot of them! I can't decide!! The tano bags are great but I think I'll have to wait on getting one until later when I can afford to get several bags. It just seems wrong to get one without an outrageous colour. I especially love the green.

    Unfortunately a lot of the free shipping codes won't work on me because I am in Canada, but I'm going to head out to Holts (local luxury department store.), retrodelic and a couple other shops this week and try to see the purses in person. It's a little hard to decide from just pictures alone.

    Any tips on how to tell if the leather is good quality? Or places to look for possible defects on purses? I'm a newbie at this!

    I'm now also considering just going simple and getting a Roots handbag. My sisters still have a couple mini leather backpacks from the 80's, and they're still quite nice.