Looking for Christian Louboutin Garibaldi Zeppa

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  1. [​IMG]I really want this boots, do you think I can still find them in the store?
  2. OMG, what a gorgeous boot!!!! I have never seen these before, and I wish you hadn't shown us. I found this pink version on eBay AND THEY'RE MY SIZE! Thank goodness they're out of my price range, otherwise I would be all over them. I can't get them out of my mind.

  3. These boots are from last season. I hope they are still making it like the other zeppa. Paris was wearing the wooden version instead of the cork. I saw the pink one in eBay too. But pink is just too loud for me and I will never know what to wear that with. But I agree I cannot get that out of my mind too.
  4. This post is a bit old but I know where to find a pair of black
    Garibaldi Zeppa wedges in size 40.5 ;p
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