Looking for Chole Betty

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  1. Does anyone know where I can get a Chloe Betty (not hobo) on sale in black, brown or bordeaux? TIA
  2. Here is a pic.
  3. can't see pic
  4. I think my NM has it. Call Lisa Hamlin at (248) 635-8442. Good luck!
  5. There's a black one on Ann's Fabulous Finds that looks great, I was eyeing it for myself! Ann's Fabulous Finds
  6. Ann is great! You should definitely give that a try!
  7. Last night there was one on NM.com and BG.com on sale. You have to keep watching the sites though things come and go pretty fast.
  8. I do! Intermix
    Also, question for Betty owners: I'm looking for the reddish brown patent (bordeaux I think is the official name), which I know this is, but think I'd prefer the small or maybe even the mini. Anyone seen those on sale anywhere?
    :smile: SF
  9. Did you check NM.com or BG.com? I saw one that kept popping up.
  10. There are a couple on intermix--brown patent and small metallic.