Looking for chloe bay bag

  1. I really want a bay bag, in any color except for blank or green....Anybody has a good deal? :yes:
  2. Ahhh. I am looking for a bay bag, too. I think someone posted a blue one on the authentication thread for a good price, and the store at Bahran. If it is color that you want, I'd wait though. Just went in to the boutique at south coast plaza today, a very colorful spring collection! I am saving my $$$ for those! There is a limited edition color, similiar to the soft violet color that is lining the edge of the posts right now, on this message board. Very pretty, only one left, but am not sure if you want to fork over $1850 for one of those!!
  3. $1850 is too much for me.....maybe I will just wait......I like ivory, hope there will be a deal soon....
  4. yeah!. Waiting too!
  5. sacoche boutique had some on sale there was post here or in the deals & steals section. They were less than 1k.