Looking for Cheap-o School/Book Tote

  1. Hey guys - I've been using my balenciaga city for school for the past year now and I feel awful for the poor thing. Because of the tassles people sometimes STEP on them when the bag's on the floor :Push: - it's just too expensive of a bag for school. The year before I used my LV speedy, which is great because it fits alot, but now because I'm taking a 20 credit course load I have to use a HUGE 2" stuffed binder filled with mini text books and novels, along with papers, etc - so having to hold the speedy AND the book is a PITA. So then in April I got 2 large Coach hobo's because they were cheaper than my Balenciaga, which worked best for school being it went on my shoulder, and was still "designer". Now I'm beginning to think I should just forgo expensive bags all together for school. I'm looking for a cheaper canvas tote - and my vision is a black tote with a white skull on front. Any ideas where I can find this mystery bag? Thanks all :heart:
  2. ^^^^ they look ultra busy though - I'm looking for a cheap canvas bag - I'm not going for durability right now because I may end up hating it and ditching it. I've been carrying designer bags for 4+ years now - I may hate carrying a non-designer bag. Ya dig?
  3. jesswitaq skull and crossbones messenger bag.jpg
  4. What about this messenger by Ichabod?

    Ichabod's Etsy Shop - Day of the Dead skull Canvas Messenger shoulder Bag

    rubbishtees custom-made this tote for someone. Perhaps you could contact her to make a bigger tote for you?

    rubbishtees's Etsy Shop - Custom Butterfly Skull Tote

    Other messengers on a skull theme by Ichabod:
    Ichabod's Etsy Shop - pink skulls Canvas Messenger shoulder BAG

    Ichabod's Etsy Shop - 3D SKULL MESSENGER SHOULDER BAG canvas leather

    The last tote, by bootyboutiques, is cute but there's no mention of the dimensions:

    bootyboutique's Etsy Shop - Skulls are for Gurls
  5. InReverie girly skull purse.jpg Babybugboutique black skull cross bones tote purse.jpg mywishes hand distressed denim messenger.jpg
  6. starsandinfinitedarkness chandi jackalope pattycake tote.jpg starsandinfinitedarkness Chandi Unicorn mermaid tote.jpg
  7. Those are exactly what I'm looking for - simple tote bags. But I just don't know what kind...arg...

    I'm still looking through everyone elses suggestions - thanks! I'm not into the messenger style or purse styles - really a tote that'll fit my books length wise, you know? Thanks so much guys - I'm lost!
  8. Pixelgirlshop loveable skull tote by Kid pirate.jpg BondGirl black skeleton key tote.jpg
  9. Wow I like both of those - hmm....I'm not good with dimensions - big enough to hold a spiral notebook - measurements freak me out :s
  10. Reckon Bjork canvas tote.jpg
  11. urban outfitters has some loop totes on sale I got one today for $4.99 and there are some for $14.99
  12. MI Janet tote, Bergdorf Goodman, $250