looking for charlotte pink SATC chanel bag

  1. Hi Guys,

    really like to find a pink chanel bag like charlotte wore in SATC.

    where may I get one that is real?

  2. You need to post a photo so people know what you're talking about. Not all of us have seen SATC. I have but I can't remember one that stood out.
  3. If the one the PP posted is it (don't think it is in stores) you may like the pink PST. Similiar type "feel" (size aside) to me for some reason.
  4. thanks guys. yes the bag i am reffering to is that one u mentioned on eBay. DOES ANYONE KNOW IF THAT BAG CAME IN 2 SIZES? IF SO, IS THE ONE ON eBay THE BIG OR SMALL SIZE?
  5. It came in 3 sizes. The large (in the auction) and the medium (which I didnt see around very often but it did exist) and a small pochette size.
  6. thanks guys. in the TV show SITC what size did Charlotte use?
  7. Large:tup:- which in not that large approx. 12'L
  8. im still looking for this bag!! haha

    I LOVE it.. i think it was the bag that i initially wanted when i went to Saks... but then I never saw it again :sad:

    was it ever under 1,000 (medium size)?
  9. I have not seen this bag at any stores lately, check ebay or a consigment store. G/l w/your search!:smile:
  10. I tried calling around a couple weeks ago and asking my SAs at NM, Saks, Nordstrom, and the Chanel boutiques but this bag is no longer available. I was looking for black or pink. There was a pink one on Ebay (the link posted above) and the lovely ladies here authenticated it for me. But I eventually decided to pass because the seller didn't have the authenticity card. I'm very anal about stuff like that! Good luck in your search!
  11. loved this bag..
    did you just see the episode..
    actually charolette carried this bag a couple of seasons which is odd to see..
    I re-watch all the shoes all the time and watched the last season when they were looking to get the baby and she wore it into the chanel boutique.