Looking for Chanel Keychain/w hearts &CC

  1. Hi. I am looking for the Chanel keychain that was in the catalogue. Has silver chain with red or pink (not sure which color it is) hearts and cc logo. Tried Neimans and Saks. Called a few on the phone. Noone has it.Will call Chanel 800 tomorrow, but wanted to know if anyone has seen it and if so where. I just have to have it (I know you know what I mean). :crybaby: Thanks
  2. Is it the one w/ the lock? Try calling Saks Chanel at North Star Mall, San Antonio, 210 341-4111. I know they had a keychain, and I think it was the lock w/ the hearts.
  3. Thanks for the info will call them tomorrow.
  4. If it was the one with the key and the lock, they had the black and silver at Chanel in SF--I saw it earlier today!
  5. Saks in PA has one.
  6. I think the Chanel in the Wynn Las Vegas has it too
  7. Just wanted to say I found it!! Spoke to Saks in San Antonio, Brandy (SA). Thanks Juniormint for giving me the #. Will post pics when it arrives.:yahoo:
  8. That's great, can't wait to see your pics!
  9. Glad you got it! Brandy is one of the nicer SAs there, she's the one I spoke to on Friday when I went in. Can't wait to see pics!
  10. Thats great I cant wait to see the pics!
  11. Me too.
  12. Congrats on finding it, I am now looking for it my self, lol... how much was it?
  13. Congrats! a tPF in SA, TX too? *waves* Brandy is such a doll, my Fav SA @ Saks!:yes:
  14. For those of you, who are stilling looking for the keychain- chanel in South Coast Plaza, CA... has 5 available in pink and the price was $995 I believe w/o tax...hope this helps
  15. chanel in waikiki had both colors =)