Looking for Chanel Coin Purse

  1. Has to be small...and simple, basically. Also If anyone can id and give prices of this one carried by Nikki Hilton, that would be great. If any chanel aficionados can provide details...thanks in advance.

  2. I'm fairly sure that the one she is carrying is a card case. That white card sticking out of it is what makes me think it's a card case. I'm not 100% sure though.

    I've never seen Chanel coin purses at my local boutique, although I never really was LOOKING for one. I'll check tomorrow when I go. They have adorable camellia card holders if you're interested! That's what I'm getting tomorrow. :drool:
  3. I seen a chanel coin purse at beverly hills this summer. It was 450 ish I think with precious symbols or something. Way too overpriced and very delicate. I would rather stick with my gucci one.
  4. ^Wow, that's way too much for a coin purse. lol. The Camellia card holder's a lot cheaper, "only" $230 pre-tax.
  5. i think that is a card case not a coin purse as i saw the black version of that in my local boutique, down here in Sydney

    HTH :heart:
  6. Thanks Ladies!
  7. I'v never seen a coin purse from Chanel. Anyone who has any pictures?
  8. Oooh, could you post a picture of the camellia card holder? I got the little lip palette because it was four camellias...I ADORE THEM!!!! I'd really like to get a ring...hehe
  9. [​IMG]

    Mine was $230. Also comes in salmon pink, blue, and grey. :yes:
  10. Pink!? Blue!? What shade of Blue?
  11. [​IMG]

    ^Hehe, see the words "STRONGLY ENCOURAGED"? The color is really similar to that, but a tad tad bit lighter. It's like a light blue-grey. :yes: I don't have pics though.
  12. oooh, I want the grey one. hehe.
    No Chanel boutiques where I live :sad:
  13. ^You can always call a boutique and have them mail it to you! Chanel Ala Moana still has the grey, pink, and blue camellia card holders. If you're interested contact Judy, tell her Isabel sent ya!

  14. I saw a coin purse from the Paris-Biarritz line in Melbourne yesterday. It's AU$510.. Zippered top and side pocket (the side pocket was not meant for anything, just ornamental, said my SA), with dangling CC as the side pocket zip.

    It's the only coin purse I have ever seen from Chanel. Good luck!

    Missisa, my Camellia CC holder arrived not long ago too, with my white caviar timeless clutch. So pretty, the CC holder.. now I want one more :tup:

  15. Veery tempting...I'm desperate for my 1st new chanel. :crybaby: I only have a vintage item.