looking for CHANEL CC Crystal STUDS!!!! pls help!!!

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  1. hey everyone! im looking for a pair of Chanel earring studs. I have the "old" classic diamond CC studs which cost around $300 at the time, in the larger version (about the size of a nickle). In the last year (or so) Chanel came out with a new version of these, also CC diamond studs and the cost was about $190 when i checked last (almost the same size, maybe slightly larger). Does anyone know where i can find these!? or more specifically if you can give me the style # ?
    any info would be greatly appreciated!!
    tnx!! :smile:
  2. Do you have a picture maybe? :smile:
  3. hmm i'll take a look and see if i can find one!
  4. Are you talking about the double C stud earrings with crystals? If so, Kayla in SC has a pair in gold...don't know the price. I asked her to look for a silver pair for me.