Looking for Chanel cambon reporter...

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  1. Does anyone know where I can still find the original Cambon reporter in black with white CC or even black with black CC logo?

    I am looking for the original size...

    Did these go on sale too?

    I know there's been a few updated versions of this bag since the original but I prefer the original size.


  2. No but Mall of America has one in brown marked down by 50%. I don't know if you're interested but thought I'd share. The # is (952)883-2121.
  3. the NM in Plano, Texas had 2 Reporters on teh shelf last week.
    I don't prefer the reporter so I didn't pay them any attention.
    It's sure worth a call though.
  4. Nordstrom Mall of America has one original Cambon Reporter style in black with white CC's. It is not on sale, it is still full price at $3150.