looking for Chanel cambon pochette

  1. Hi everybody im new to the chanel forum, and i must say everyone's collection is just stunning :yahoo: . I'm looking for a chanel cambon pochette, can you guys give me a idea whats a reasonable price for these? And is there anywhere i can buy one without breaking the wallet :nuts: . I have never paid attention to the chanel sale they have, can anyone tell me when do they usually have one? and how much are they when on sale? Thanks so muchh :idea:
  2. Not sure on the price questions, but Saks New Orleans has a black with white CC's cambon pouchette. I think their # is 504-522-2200.
  3. o0o i see, also does anyone know what time of the year does chanel usually have their sale ? thankss =]
  4. ^ June/July and Dec