Looking for Celine Boogie Bag..HELP!!

  1. I am looking for a Celine Boogie Bag, I can't find one anywhere, they seem to be non existant! I am in the UK however I am travelling to TX in a few weeks and then Possibly on the NYC.

    Does anyone have any ideas? not really picky about the colour except orange, I draw the line at that!!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Neiman Marcus in Orlando did have them, haven't checked in a while, but you could start with a NM store, they will do a inventory search. I bought mine several years ago at Bloomingdales. You might consider checking with the larger dept. stores for an inventory search, I'm pretty sure they are still around.
  3. I've seen several on eBay recently...usually at really great prices, too!
  4. My Saks had them on sale in December (I bought the orange!), so there may still be some floating around somewhere. Call to find a helpful associate and see if they'll do a search for you. They'll be at an amazing price if you can find them. Good luck!
  5. how about checking the celine outlets? here's the number for woodbury commons, ny: (845) 928-5138
  6. Thank you,

    There are some on eBay at the moment but I am very wary!

    I saw a green one in Woodbury commons last nov...I'm kicking myself it was their only one...I SHOULD HAVE GOT IT!!!!

    I will be in San Antonio TX in a few weeks, any chance I'll find one there?? If not I am going on a shopping trip to New York!!!

    No chance of finding one here in the UK, which is a shame.

    I will find that bag!!!
  7. I just saw the Boogie in Celine's duty free shop at Nice airport. They had it in navy, cream, brown and black if I remember right. Are you passing through Heathrow as it might be worth checking if Celine is sold in duty free there.
    I would have thought there would be a Celine boutique in London or if there's a concession in Harvey Nicks, Selfridges or Harrods.
  8. Have you tried the Celine outlet store in Bicester near Oxford. It might be worth giving them a call?

    Good luck
  9. Nothing in San Antonio at the moment, as that's where I am and I would have snatched up another color in a second! I consider my orange Boogie one of my smartest purchases (it's a great, neutral, Hermes-ish orange).

    The handbag associates at Saks in San Antonio are some of the nicest you'll meet, by the way, so definitely stop in and see what they can do for you.
  10. Ok, so I would have an orange one!!!!! I quite fancy a bold colour, all the bags I have are Tan, tan and guess what..tan!!!

    oh and a blue! Thank you for your suggestion, I will indeed go into Saks and have a word with the ladies in there.

    I cannot wait to get there, I love Texas!!
  11. I was also going to suggest the Duty Free shops. I actually haven't seen them around in department stores lately....a shame because Celine bags are so classic and ladylike. I purchased mine used from Ann's Fabulous Finds online. Good luck with your search!

    You may have been my godsend...Anns Fabulous finds ships internationally!!!!

    She has a white Boogie..is white a bit tacky looking though???!!
  13. I actually think that white Celine looks really lovely and feminine. Somehow, the black boogie looks too harsh....maybe I'll check out the more recent colors to compare.