Looking for Caramel City or Weekender

  1. I wish I had become a bbag addict sooner!!! Is it still possible to find these bags in this color? I absolutely love it
  2. xxx
  3. Yes, they are not impossible to find. GOOD LUCK!!!
  4. xxx - Thats all I can say since after the millionth post from other members using the same phrase, mine just got edited!
  5. Thanks Elliemay and ROMIE-OMIE!

  6. I saw a caramel day just a week ago at Saks in New Orleans.
  7. not allowed, sorry
  8. ^^ Sorry torreyb but we're not allowed to post that. :nogood:

    Anyway, try to call Blake Chicago - (312) 202-0047. They had Caramel two months ago.. LOL, I know I said two months but it wouldn't hurt to try and call :heart:
  9. I am totally in the same boat with you. Just now getting in bbags and totally want a caramel city or weekender. PM me if you find a store with more than 1 and I will do the same.
  10. Are you talking about Caramel 05?
    Can they still be found at a retailer?!!
  11. sorry guys - I guess that's how I learn! :shame: Or - I could read the rules! duh... Good Luck with the caramel search!