Looking for Caramel City. Help?

  1. Is eBay my only recourse for this 05 color? I saw a lady carrying one and immediately fell in love. It is the exact color I am looking for! I have a white First that I purchased last year, and a Mogano city purchased a few months ago, am awaiting a Grey city as well. I've never purchased any older colors. I'm assuming stores don't stock them anymore? I'd really prefer a new bag to one that's been used.

    I'd appreciate any suggestions you experts have to offer:smile:
  2. Yes, you're just going to have to keep an eye out on auctions sites and consignment stores like RealDealCollection or Annsfabulousfinds...it is a great colour, I agree:tup:!
  3. Thanks for the info on the consignment stores!!!
  4. I think I just found one on Laurenhills.com. But everything's in Japanese! Has anyone ordered from them before?
  5. Hi,
    I don't see an '05 Caramel on that site. Maybe you're mixing it up with Mastic which I do see? I'd hold out for the Caramel, though, the leather is TDF!
  6. hipnycmom,

    Are you looking at the bag 8 rows down, on the far right? It doesn't look like Mastic, is it a faded looking Rouille? What color is that?