Looking For Capra Satchel. Did anybody see it anywhere?

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    Hi, I've been looking for this bag. Can anyone help me locate this bag please? or did anyone see it recently in store? I want it in eggshell (Ivory). I don't want to buy it thru eBay tho. Thanks in advance.
  2. Sorry - I looked through all my on-line sites and only found this bag in eggshell at BlueBee:

    Of course the most reliable way to get exactly what you desire is to call one of the MJ Boutiques and they will search all the inventory nation-wide.

    Good luck - I lOVE enything MJ that comes in the Eggshell color.
  3. Hi, thanks so much. I already have that bag LOL. But thanks the same.
  4. I understand your hesitation about eBay, but there is a listing for an eggshell capra item #330159442123. It wouldn't hurt to ask for additional detailed photos showing riri or lampo imprint on zippers, interior detail, engravings on hardware, etc. If you are familiar with all the specifics of this bag, the additional photos would confirm that it is either authentic or a fake. Since all the retailers put the capra on sale a while ago, it may be hard to find one in the stores. Good luck.
  5. I see that you have the Bal Harbor satchel in eggshell. How do you like this bag? I have an opportunity to buy it in Mocassin, but I haven't seen it in person and don't know how it carries. Can you share your experience with the bag? Thanks!
  6. I actually love the bal harbor bag because of the color, that's why I am looking for another bag in the same color. I saw the black one and it didn't "grab" me. I will say that the bal harbor is much lighter than stam even though it has an extra chain handle like the stam. The bal is a bit smaller than the stam, but still roomy and it has three separate compartments. And personally, I think the bal harbor is prettier than stam *dogde and run a mile away*.....
    You can carry the bag on your shoulder (the straps are adjustable) so it's more practical. I've never seen the color mocassin so I cannot comment on that. Hope this helps.
  7. Thanks for the info, it does help!
  8. wow, i love the bal harbour too, i wanted it in moccassin as well. I think mocassin is one of the prettiest colors, but i've not seen it irl, i have seen it in pics. very pretty.
  9. If I remember correctly, I think I saw the eggshell Capra on sale this past summer (marked down to $900ish). I haven't seen one in a while. Have you tried calling the MJ stores; or, checking with some of the department stores that carry MJ?