LOOKING FOR cambridge clutch

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  1. Hello ladies I have been wanting the cambridge clutch for some time now. I haven't seen it in any of my outlet trips even when they were at the outlets.

    I see a couple of the texture silver and gold on *bay, they are a bit more than I want to spend, but they are still a possibility. I am loving the silver.

    HOWEVER today I was searching one of the outlet threads and I saw someone had a black leather cambridge clutch:nuts:
    it's gorgeous
    There are none on ebay.

    If anyone sees the silver texture (other than *bay) or the black leather anywhere: Macys, Dillards, outlets can you please let me know

    if anyone has the style # to the black leather can you post it?
  2. Hi, is this the one you are looking for?

    The style number is 14085 GBKBK (GUNMETAL/BLACK/BLACK)
    Retail $298.00
    I found it back in December and have not seen any since at the outlets.
    Good luck. :biggrin:
  3. that's it! i love that clutch.

    ^ thank you for the style number I am one step closer lol
  4. I called JAX last month and they had 2 of the black ones and 1 of a different color....maybe silver. I decided not to get it. Have you tried calling them?
  5. yea I called after I got the style number no black or silver

    2 plum though and there was gold texture available

    gold tex $266 and plum $290something in case anyone's wanting them

    my search continues but it's not looking so good
  6. i also got this clutch in december in black, its great...........good luck
  7. Hmm..I saw a silver one at the outlet last weekend. PM me if you are interested in the silver.