Looking for Bulga Ruched Satchel (Misa?) in Chocolate

  1. hey there! i'm looking for the Bulga Ruched Satchel in chocolate brown . Anyone know where to find one besides eBay? i've attached photos of the bag. thanks!!!
  2. Love it. I just got one in green from eBay but they have different versions at revolve clothing.com. I have seen them a bunch if places. I love mine. Its great but you have to like a big bag.
  3. hey there! yeah, i have it in the gunmetal silver (love it!!!). it's great for work schlepping all my stuff to jobs...i thought about the olive, too, but that one is nowhere to be found either. the chocolate brown is on sale for $400 but i want to pay less. i got my silver one for $220!!
  4. i mean, i found it on eBay for $400 but that's more than i want to pay.
  5. You may have to go to ebay. Online they seem to be over 600.00. Hope you find sometime great.
  6. yeah i guess i'll have to go there. no one has replied besides you!! :sad:
  7. Sorry just trying to help...