Looking for Bulga Pudding Totes?

  1. This link was posted in another thread about HH and noticed that they offer some Pudding totes....don't know anything about the company, but hey, give 'em a call


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  2. wow, their price for the small pudding bag is over retail. is there any additional discount? and has anybody ordered from this website before?
  3. ^^^ What's the retail price for the small pudding tote?
  4. I bought a pudding tote from the site earlier in the year, I don't remember the price but it was below retail. (I had called Bulga directly to make sure they were legit.). The site isn't very well maintained though, you really need to send email or call to find out about current stock and prices.
  5. The small pudding tote on that site is $344. That's above retail? I bought mine from NM for over $400 :confused1: about a year ago.
  6. I saw Sherry Wolf yesterday at Sheckys, she was seling those same handbags for $130 I think.... wow, $478 on her website.
  7. I think I have been to their place in Oceanside, NY...I once went to a warehouse w/ a friend and they had tons and tons of Bulga bags there...I wonder...
  8. so does this site sell authentic Bulga bag?? I have been hunting for the Bulga Pudding Tote forever.. should I take the leap with this site?
  9. Yes they are authentic but you really need to call to find out the current stock and prices.