Looking for brown, leather thong sandals <$50

  1. My Banana Republic brown, leather sandals are falling apart and I need a replacement asap. I love handbags more than shoes, so I'd like to find new sandals for around $50 ($100 tops). Got any ideas?
  2. Have you looked on eBay? There are tons!
  3. Not sure what style you're looking for, but I love the J.Crew Capri sandals. They are basic flip-flop style but very classic and chic, and IIRC they cost $48. Comfy, too!
  4. Here are a couple of options, all at Zappos.com:

    Steve Madden Slivver, $63.00

    Steve Madden Sannibel, $55.95:
  5. I love the JCrew and Steve Madden sandals. Thanks!
  6. Target had some really cute brown leather thongs. Also in black and white too. And for $14.99