looking for bronze

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  1. I am looking for a bronze shoe. Preferably a simple or VP. Do these even exist?
  2. The Bling-Bling came in copper, I think is the color name. This might be closest to a bronze.

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  3. I have seen simple pumps in bronze at Saks.
    Saks also has a nude metallic which I think is more of a pinkish/light bronze VP. They are TDF.

    CL Madison has a bronze python VP.
  4. there are bronze pigalles too. :flowers:
  5. What I have seen for bronze are the textured bronze Pigalles, bronze python VPs, and the gold and nude napa VPs.
  6. CL Madison like Kamilla said has bronze python VPs (I think they are all gone though) and they also have bronze VPs w/ a python tip and Barneys has a gold VP (looks like it could pass for bronze to me in photos).



  7. OMG! It is beautiful!
  8. How about the bronze YoYo (pictured on the right of the screen)?
  9. the YoYo is the MOST UNCOMFORTABLE shoe ever made - they are HOT though!
  10. ^^LOL! I feel you, and yet I bought a 2nd pair!
  11. I didn't think the yoyos were uncomfortable at all... Now the rolando LOL
  12. ^^^LOL!

    I think the ones Lorrmich posted are soooo beautiful, i think saks has them Kamilla also mentioned them "nude metallic"
  13. Asha,

    I can't see your first two pics...can you repost?