Looking for Bronze Python Clutch....anyone seen it?

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  1. Hi gals,

    Posted this in the CSI thread, but thinking I should post another thread for this as well.

    I'm going to attend a formal wedding function this Sept 5, and I have bought a Max Azria Runway dress to attend the wedding. I would like to buy the python bronze color clutch to match with my outfit to make it work. Here is the picture borrowed from Larkie, hope she doesn't mind me posting it here.

    If anyone seen this clutch anywhere, please kindly let me know, ok ok? (Or am I too late already?? :crybaby:)

    Your help is much appreciated. Thanks very much in advance!


  2. ^^posted this on the other CSI thread you asked about it on:

    Call Gail at Saks Beverly Hills, CA

    310 887 5355

    she's working today Im pretty sure and she can get you the python clutch in the khaki bronze AND the dark silver color :smile:
  3. mine is enroute to me as we speak...hehe

    tell her Cory sent ya...shes really sweet!!
  4. Mia,

    I heard some PFers saying that the Hawaii stores have the bronze python.

    So maybe you could try Gareth at the Ala Moana store - (+1) 808-942-5555. If he doesn't have it in stock, maybe try asking him if he could do a search for you on their system.

    good luck! ;)
  5. zerodross, you should not encourage Mia here.........
  6. May I ask how much they are - thanks
  7. $1895 usd
  8. :graucho::graucho:

    oops! i guess i shouldn't encourage you to get that dark python tote too either eh? I'm quite sure there's a dark python tote from '06 in the amsterdam store and it's GORGEOUS! (just like the nicole richie one)
  9. Hey Cory!! Thanks so much for your help! I've already contacted Gail...but the only problem is about shipping it to Hong Kong. They need to apply a license for exporting this "snake friend". :Push: She's still checking out for me how the process should be.

    And did you get the python clutch too? Which color?? Do share pics when you get it!! :graucho:

  10. Hey M!! Long time no chat!! How are you doing??

    Thanks so much for letting me know. I've already checked, but no luck with Hawaii on this bronze python. And system shows none too. :sad:

  11. Hahahahha!! Miffy!! I thought you're my partner in crime!! :sneaky: