Looking for BR4270 in Pietra

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  1. anyone spots it please let me know...
    really regretted not getting it... it's haunting me now!

    Thanks alot!
  2. Which one is that one? W/ stones, correct?
  3. No stones... It's a cervo shine tote with zip enclosure I think
  4. This one? I will keep a look out for you my dear ;)
  5. yes this is the one!
    i dun mind the Nocciolio color too (dunno how to spell it)

    thanks a bunch!
  6. ^Every now and then- they creep up on evilbay...
  7. yeah i did trawl ebay.com, ebay.co.uk and ebay.com.sg
    shows how desperate i am for it >:smile:
  8. Anteater> thanks.. this is a diff model from the one i am looking for... but thanks for helping!!
  9. I saw that this morning too... beautiful bag but it looks HUGE! Congrats!!
  10. Yes it's big.. Just the size I m looking for.. I think this deerskin seems tougher than the cervo shine which I was looking for at first.. Looks like the kind of bag I can dump all the rubbish in!cool!

  11. Hmmm....this doesn't look like deerskin. It looks like calfskin to me.
  12. ok finally arrived today!
    here are the pics!

  13. in fact the color on the prada card states Nocciolo... BF states TAN... but i am loving it!
    the leather is soft and slouchy the way i want it.... and very roomy too! the hardware is in bronze color so something diff from my other gold hardware Pradas...