Looking for Bottega Info

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Mar 19, 2010
Hello, I am trying to find out if a bag I have is an authentic bag. This is my first post and I tried to upload some photos but they wouldn't go through, they exceeded the size??
So I will explain the bag the best I can.
First it was given to my mother she thinks @ the early 80's, it is a weaved grey leather very soft, it has a very long strap and thin as well.
The name on the inside reads( La Bottega di Scarabeo FIRENZE.)
The inside of the bag (lining ) is not leather but rather some sort of shiney fabric that has flaked off in areas. Snaps say (nuova capica) & to close you have to pull down a goldtone tab and insert a clip? releae and it is locked in place.

When I look up Bottega bags the nameplates or tags are much different so I would like to know if anyone knows if this from the same line as the ones today and is it authentic. I would appreciate any help.

My apoligies for my ignorance on the uploading.
Many thanks, V-
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