looking for botkier essex

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  1. does anyone know where i can find a botkier essex hobo? i've had no luck on eBay or any of the usual online stores: Shopbop, Neiman Marcus, etc. i know it's an older model, so a lot of places have stopped carrying it. but i want one! please help!
  2. Ask and you will receive :smile: That is a pretty bag ... How do you like the quality of Botkier bags?
  3. Hi Clewee,
    Did you succeed ?
    Does LisaKlein still have them as DiamondGirl1 suggested ?
  4. If you're still looking for one, I saw one on eBay last night!
  5. Hey,thanks for the hint,purseinsanity ! unfortunately she doesnt send it to Europe :crybaby: