Looking for booties with no heel or very little heel...

  1. but still preferably no heel...

    Are there any flat ankle booties out there? I was at NM the other day but they had none that were flat--all of them had heels...like 3 inches or so high

    I'm not so great with heeled shoes, so would prefer a pair of flat ones that I know I would wear more often...

    Aiming at price range up to 500 USD or so...thanks!!
  2. I haven't seen any flat booties this year. I have seen some with low heels tho. I tried on a pair in Marshall's last week that were very comfy. Heels were about 2-2,5 inches I'd say. They were pony hair black and brown with a thin patent strip around the toe and were about $99. I can't remember the name tho. It was some italian name I'd not heard of.
    I can't wear high heels either. I refuse to pay $$$ for shoes that hurt my feet after 20 minutes!!!
  3. My mom is also looking for something like this. We saw a flat Robert Clergerie ankle boot at Barneys yesterday and a couple of wedge Taryn Roses. There's also the below Stuart Weitzman.
    SW boot.jpg
  4. I wouldn't call it a bootie but Fry came out with several low/no heeled ankle and calf boots like this one:
  5. ^^ thanks for all the replies...i may buy these "me too" tabitha flat booties from Nordies...saw them the other day--also saw a pair of Via Spiga ones which looked comfy and very low heel...it has a bow on the side of them, pretty cute and ive had good experiences with via spiga in the past but will keep you all updated and welcome anymore suggestions/ideas!!

    thanks a bunch!