Looking for Blue Bowler? Found one!

  1. At Nordstrom MacArthur Center in Norfolk, VA. It's the smaller of the two sizes, but it's there for the taking. (Not on sale, though... bummer.)
  2. i have this one! i traded it for the chalk one.
    40% off too! :[)
  3. Wait, are you saying the blue bowler is 40% off!? Where!?
  4. no, but i got it for 40% off. i had the chalk for 30% off (accident of Nordstroms) and traded for the midnight one. since Saks and nm are 40% off, i asked for a price adjustment. :biggrin:
  5. Okay, so you're saying if I take my Chalk one to Nordies and exchange for the Blue one, that I can tell them the Blue one is 40% off at NM and Saks and they'll price match?
  6. just bring the receipt and mj tag with the nordstroms sticker on it.
    i exchanged colors and got the price adjustment at different times.. so i don't know.

    just tell them that nm has the same bag for 40% off and say you want a price adjustment
    did you get the chalk for 30% off?
  7. Yes, I did. Now the SA at the store says they do NOT have the blue one... shipped it out last night. BUMMER! Knew I should have had them hold it 'til I made a decision. Oh well... hope someone out there who read this was lucky and got it! :smile:
  8. get the 40% price match w/saks and nm.
    aw, the chalk is beautiful too. i miss mine.. someone JUST bought it right after i returned it. the SA was so thankful that i brought it b/c a woman was asking for it and was about to leave when she ran to her saying i brought one. hahaa