looking for bleu nuit 05 paddy satchel

  1. anyone know where i can get this? i want this bag so bad...will do anything anything for it lol. :smile: any leads would be appreciated.

    :heart: miklet
  2. haven't seen one in a while on eBay, sorry!!
  3. Oh, this is tough one...I got mine last summer on neimanmarcus.com. I saw it appear on their website, what a fluke,:yahoo: and in one second I had it in the cart and paid for. I think that your best bet is eBay. You have to be diligent and watch for it though because someone may have it as a BIN and it will go fast. You could check some of the resale shops on eBay as well, and tell them that you are looking for it. Some of the members of PF also may be parting with theirs if they are going into another brand of handbag. I think there must be a thread for that...
    I was looking for the khaki large paddington hobo from '05, for the longest time and finally, finally, (took about 6 months) someone was selling one that had barely made it out of her closet the whole time she had owned it. It was perfect, mint condition, and I did a BIN immediately...it's gorgeous. So, I believe that you will definitely get the blue, but you have to be "on a mission." GOOD LUCK and if I see one, I will let you know ASAP.:jammin:
  4. good luck on your search, and pls let us know if u find one!
  5. Hi!

    Just as an FYI to everyone who reads this thread, and to the OP, there is absolutely no buying, selling or trading of bags on tPF. Thanks! :nuts:
  6. I know the feeling, I wanted one soooo bad last month and found one on ebay... be patient... there might be one soon!
  7. Yeah, but she already got THE BEST one!! LOL, D&Gs is sooo pebbly!!!

  8. wow cristina...you're bag is lovely. i'm sooo jealous! :heart: :heart:

    but i'll keep looking on ebay. my friend was about to sell hers to me but i think i hyped it up so much that she decided to keep it. :crybaby:
  9. Just before last Christmas, I bid on one of these and was surprised to get it for less than USD600. Sometimes, miracles do happen!