***Looking for BLACK SATIN CROC REISSUE in a medium size 226

  1. These babies are sold out in Canada..

    does anyone know where I can find them or which SA to contact?? Pls helppp I am really anxious to get this bag....!!

    Also, which do you prefer:
  2. Nordstrom seattle has one on display but it looks like a 225. you can contact Peggy in BagHound's post below and ask

    Chanel Spring 2008 Look Book
    Hello! I am a huge Marc Jacobs fan and a regular in that forum, but the fabulous SA Peggy at Nordstrom Flagship in Seattle sent me the Chanel Spring 2008 Look Book today in two .pdf attachments and I thought you all might be interested in them. She has helped me find lots of great bags! I tried to attach them, and was unable to... but if you e-mail her at the address below, she'll put you on her customer e-mail list so you find out the scoop on sales, etc. and I bet she would e-mail you the .pdf files. Sorry... really tried to post 'em for you! Here is part of what she wrote in her e-mail today...

    "Now is the time to preview and reserve your bag, jewelry, or scarf! The SPRING 2008 trunk show is THURSDAY MARCH 13 2008 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm in Seattle, I will put pictures on email for those of you who live out of state. Please email me back with the name of the collection, style number and color you're interested in. Peggy.Urban@Nordstrom.com or CALL ME! (206)628-1253 (This is my direct phone number with voice mail... I will call you back... I check my voice mail all day !)"
  3. thanks so much sara.
    which one would you consider? the metallic black reissues, the dark grey metallic reissues or the satin??
  4. I saw a few on eBay.....but i'm sure there are some available in the stores~
  5. thank you so much for replying celia!
  6. Check w/Chanel/SCP
    (714) 754-7455
    SA Mary Scott
  7. Black Satin croc I saw on wed in Chanel Short Hills NJask for NAomi:tup::tup:
  8. Personally I prefer the metallic black reissue.
  9. I would prefer a metallic black reissue also. I love the satin but I would always be worried about snagging the fabric or having it caught on something.
  10. i'd go for the metallic. i think it's more versatile whereas i feel the satin is more like an evening bag.
    as for the metallics, i think both black and grey are great.
  11. Hi, Joools! I just saw the BLACK SATIN CROC REISSUE in 226 last weekend in NM at New Port Beach. So, give my SA Cynthia Smith a call at 1-949-887-3765, and please tell her Beverly sent you. She can also put you on the waiting list for any other metallic reissues you are interested---she is extremely helpful when it comes locating bags. Good luck.
  12. But to choose, i will get the Metallic Black reissue....unless you can find a dark grey reissue....:smile:
  13. U are most welcome:love:
  14. yes bisousx, that's the one i want.. the pic is the exact one as on eBay!!

    thanks for all the comments and help =)