Looking for Black Patchwork Stam? where to find?

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  1. hi everyone!

    im new to this board as Im usually in the LV or chanel sections...

    i recently fell in love with the black patchwork leather stam bag as i saw a girl on the street carrying one. my friend said they may not be in stores but i really want this bag for fall...

    can anyone give me any advice on where to find this bag? is my only option on ebay - bc i would much rather buy new from a reputable store, please let me know your thoughts! Many thanks!!
  2. Eluxury had one marked down in the Private Sale (see link above) -- maybe keep an eye on it to see if it comes back? I also think that I saw it on the Saks website, but at full price.

    EDIT: Saks only has it in cherrytart and chocolate, not black.
  3. If you decide to search Ebay, post any bags you find in the AUthenticate This thread here. There are several sellers that are trusted sellers of Marc Jacobs bags and we'll usually mention that when Authenticating items. HTH! Good luck with your search. Patchwork is so ultra light and smells so good! :tispy:
  4. they have one up on exlux for 968 or so
  5. hi all! i guess i work quick cuz i just got one from saks!!! in black with gold just like i wanted.. i got it for 10% off with no tax so it was 1300$ ish..

    i will post pics soon.. it took me a while to learn how to open the kiss lock, i didnt know you had to press in the center.. its like a trick lock!