Looking for Black Mahala

  1. Anyone seen one recently? Jimmy Choo's website is sold out. eBay I think are all fakes at the moment.

    Yikes, I am already addicted to JC. My burgundy Ramona isn't even here yet.
  2. I know Neiman Marcus had them yesterday, but I don't think it was on sale:sad: Contact a SA Casey (if you want a great SA) at the Chicago JC Store, I bet she can locate one for you and have it sent immediately:graucho:
    Good luck. I purchased the bronze one during the Nordies presale, but Casey sent me photos of the Plum Mahala and I can't justify 3 JC's in 1 month, so I am letting a fellow Pfr buy her.:sad:
  3. 3 JC's in a month???:sweatdrop::sweatdrop::sweatdrop:

    I'd be happy for my first! Thanks for the heads up.

    And who is "her"? Are you letting the bronze Mahala go or the plum one? Just wondering...
  4. Yes, after the first one it is all down hill from there:true: You might as well sign up for JChooaholics. I am letting Guccidiva have the bronze Mahala because the Plum show up a few days after I had ordered the Bronze on on the presale. I am almost having second thoughts on letting her go:graucho: but I know Guccidiva is so excited about her new baby, so I would never do that to her. Besides, I know there will be several more Fall bags I am going to be:drool: over
  5. There is one black Mahala on NM.com right now if you are still looking for one.
  6. Gone. Hope it wasn't on sale.

    Robynbenz found me one in Chicago's JC store... thanks!
  7. No, it was not on sale. Congratulations on your new black Mahala! It is a fantastic bag.
  8. ;)LOL... I didn't get it. Yet. Waiting for a miracle sale. It happened with the Ramona. So who knows...
  9. Keep your eyes on this forum(it's like having hundreds of eyes). I'm sure one will show up eventually. Good luck!
  10. Hello Jimmy choo's direct website has one right now. i just recieved my black mahala love it. wasn't sure at first if i wanted the black but I'm waiting for the red patent ramona. hey does anyone know if the bottom zipper on the bottom of the mahala come with a jimmy choo tag. I have seen with some on and others not.
  11. Depends on the season.
  12. Thanks. I just purchased my long dreamed of Riki, so I need to hibernate from purse shopping at the moment.