Looking for Black lambskin 2.55 in 227 or 226

  1. I'm looking for Black lambskin 2.55 reissue like the one from last year in 227 or 226 size.
    Anyone seen one? I've been calling NM, Saks, Bergdorf, Chanel.. nada.. nothing...
    All they have is black metallic...:crybaby:

    - P
  2. Are you referring to the black reissue with gold hw?
    As of Sunday, the Chanel boutique in NYC 57th St still has that in 226, ask for Brendan at 212-355-5050
  3. Thanks.. I called them and they do have it. But they won't ship to different address then CC billing address :crybaby:
    I'm still debating wheather I should just take it or wait for other places (NM & bergdorf) so so I don't have to pay tax...
  4. Yikesss.. I bought it :lecture: my self restraint last about an hour before I gave in :nogood:
    Thanks so much for the info :tup:
  5. No problem :tup: