Looking for Black GST

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  1. Anyone know where I can get one?

  2. Are you looking for silver hardware or gold?
  3. and you should be able to find one..call around niemans..chanel..
  4. I really want the silver, but they are sold out. I called NM & Chanel. The gold is available though. I like the gold too, just like the silver better. But could do with gold if the silver isnt available.
  5. If you can't find the silver hardware GST, it will be coming back for fall! :smile: Damien (DJO) posted about it in the thead about coming for fall... so your chances of getting it when the fall stuff rolls in is great.

  6. I got it!! Whooo Hooooo
    Its my first Chanel! I cant wait for it to get here!
  7. ^ congrats!! great first Chanel!
  8. Congrats!!! Don't forget to post some pics!
  9. congrats!
  10. Congrats..where did you find it?
  11. A very nice member gave me her SA's number, from a Saks in Michigan.
  12. Did you get the black with silver or the black with gold? Lucky you if you snagged the silver hardware.;)

    I too want a black with silver - I understand they are coming in later this year - so I will wait.

    But I did get a black with gold today at NM Beverly Hills (not on sale or anything, it just happened that a shipment came in this morning)...now I have three GSTs - white, beige and now the blk with gold - I love this style!!!:heart:

    I know you will love yours - Enjoy!!!!!:tup:
  13. I got the last black with silver they had.
    Does it come in any other colors besides the black, white, or beige? Does it only come in caviar?
  14. Oh, lucky you the black and silver!!! Great score - envy u.
    I think I saw somewhere it will come in a wine color in the fall and I think it has been produced in a brown color.
    I have only seen the GSTs IRL in caviar but I believe the GST are available in lambskin....but from what I have heard about lambskin...caviar is better for me.

    Enjoy your GST!!! :tup: