Looking for black caviar jumbo ghw~~~

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  1. Hello ladies,

    I am looking for black caviar jumbo ghw.. where can I still get one?

  2. try to call the chanel boutique on rodeo drive, las vegas~
  3. I think jumbos are just about sold out nation wide- but there may be a few in "hiding" somewhere. I hope you find one
  4. Pm'd you info. on one. ACT fast it will go quick
  5. op- did you get it????
  6. i'm also looking for this jumbo....still in queue in paris....can anyone help me to find this...
  7. I am looking for this bag too.... Is there still one available in US?
  8. I think read somewhere that San Francisco NM has some.
  9. I didnt get it!!
  10. hwo much isit sellin in USD in US for jumbo Caviar ghw??
  11. I am still looking for it!! :sad:
  12. saw one in Fashionphile but condition is not really good
  13. houston galleria Saks has one...but sum1 just told me its the new price...
  14. ya.. Saks has increased their prices since Jan 29th
  15. I got one from Nordstrom! Happyyy... I think someone posted she returned her jumbo black caviar ghw on bloomingdales, check it out!