Looking for black baby coco cabas?

  1. I got a call today that Neiman's Palo Alto is expecting a shipment next week and that they could charge send today. If anyone is interested, call 650 -329 -3300. Rima helped me but I think she is off Sun and Mon, so someone else might be able to help. Good luck!
  2. Thanks alot!!! I called and put myself on the list. The lady who helped me said that they would ship directly to me if there were any available (apparently there is a list?) it was so strange because they only took the NM card and Amex.
  3. I thought this was true at Neiman Marcus... I always have to use my AmEx when shopping in store there.
  4. Bergdorf Goodman is also expecting a shipment. Call David in Gucci.
  5. Just got a call from them too since I was on the waitlist. Apparently they might have some in their warehouse, but they won't be shipping it to the store. So the SA took my info and said if they do confirm the availilbity of the bag, they'll ship it directly to me. :yahoo:
    I guess if I do get it, I'll be off the list at Nordstrom MoA.
    Hum...I didn't ask for the price, so I wonder if it'll be $1795 or $1995. Since someone mentioned that the ones coming from Nordstrom will have the new price. Anyone knows? I guess I can call Neiman Marcus back to find out.
  6. I placed my self on a waiting list and was advised the small was $1795
  7. anyone know when they will start shipping it out?
  8. ok. i just got the call from catherine from palo alto and she says that they have the bags in stock but they can't guarantee if i will get it because there is some kind of a random allocation of the bags? it's like a lottery and all the NM stores are involved in it. i am reallly really confused.

    she asked me if i put myself on any other waiting lists and i told her no (not any NM ones anyway) and she says she will do her best to get me one.

    was anyone else told this bizzare tale?
  9. Just got a call from my SA at Palo Alto Neiman Marcus and she told me that the warehouse shipped the bag out to me today. The problem is I got the bag from Saks earlier today because of the GC deal, thanks to Pfer Chloe_concord. Now I'll be getting two cabas delivered to me. :graucho: I guess I'll be going back to Neiman Marcus to return it.
  10. congrats! i got the call today too.