Looking for Black and Silver 2.55.. help please?

  1. I'm looking for Black lambskin and Silver (either Light or Dark) 2.55 in 226 or 227.
    I tried calling my SA, he said they haven't got any yet, but I noticed some ladies here already got their Fall reissue.

    anyone seen those bags or any idea which store I should call? I don't want to buy on eBay.

    Help would be most appriciated..TIA ;)
  2. Hi P - I've been on the list at my local NM for the dark silver 227, which I've decided not to take, so once I get a call from my SA I can give you a PM if you'd like. Just returning the favor from your help with the Cabas!!! :yahoo:

    BTW - I THINK the fall reissue that ppl have gotten already is the black patent? I don't think the black metallic and dark silver are in yet...
  3. ^Yes, that's the black patent. No 2007 Fall Reissues coming out yet.
  4. when are they expected?
  5. Thank you so much.. *hugs* Please PM me if your SA call you and you don't want it.

    Will they have Black lambskin reissue this fall? I don't want metalic or patent.
  6. the reissues for Fall 2007 are supposed to arrive at the end of July
  7. P - I think NM will be getting the black distressed (not metallic) with gold hardware. I saw it at the trunk show...looked just like the version from 2005. I'm not sure what sizes tho - the size I saw at the show was either a 227 or 228.
  8. Thanx kaori :smile:
  9. Thanks banana :smile:, I just check with my SA and he told me they're getting it.. just doens't know when