Looking for Big, Brown, Leather, Slouchy, Handbag

  1. Hi,

    I am looking for a Big, Brown, Leather, Slouchy handbag. I was wondering if anyone here has come across any recently. I don't want anything high end, I don't want to spend a lot of money.

  2. what's your budget?
  3. I have a chocolate brown balenciaga. LOVE LoVe it! Its slouchy, it fits a lot and it is my most comfortable bag. Maybe you can find a real on on eBay.
  4. Betsey Johnson oversized hobo - $385
    Via Spiga hobo - $195
    Michael Kors - $248
    Michael Kors - $228
    Sigrid Olsen - $168
  5. Oooh I love that Sigrid Olsen bag !
  6. Gerard Darel Charlotte in dark brown, if you can get a hold of one!!!
  7. Who has the Sigrid Olsen for sale? What a cute inexpensive bag! What about a Kooba? There are several great slouchy styles and the leather is yummy!
  8. This Kooba is really cute:

  9. What about a paddy hobo?
  10. Chloe Edith is big, beautiful and slouchy!
  11. Ahem! She said she didn't want to spend a lot of money! That said I'm not sure of your budget but the Hayden Harnett Havana hobo in brown is real nice.
  12. OOPS! Sorry about that- did not see that! :cry:

    BTW- I love that Sigrid Olsen bag from the 1st page- who carries that bag?
  13. This bag IRL is very ugly!!! I also got fooled by that picture...the leather is not as soft as it looks, and the rings are a very faded, scratchy kind of gold. I was very disappointed....
  14. Nuts! I thought it was really cute!
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