Looking for biased opinions! Chanel or Nancy Gonzales exotic??

  1. I am giving myself around $3k to spend on a bag for the fall. I don't know which would be the better investment. I love exotics, but that won't get me near a Chanel exotic, but of course, I love Chanel. What do you all think, please??
  2. Chanel of course.;)
  3. Oh, a post that goes right to my :heart:! Believe it or not I bought my purple python flap for $2995 last year so you could squeeze it in! Not sure what they run this year.

    I wish I could give you a definitive answer. While I've always liked exotics it was the tassel on my bag that put me over the moon in love with it. Maybe take a look around and see what moves you.


    My bag is python. I think the NG bags are croc. I would prefer croc just because I have a thing for croc. Started with croc shoes.

    Somebody did a post on NG croc bags in the main forum. I'll see if I can find that link.
    NG croc bags

    In red croc:

    I just checked the prices at NM.com. You can probably get one for $3k or a tiny bit more. There is a black one that looks like an LV alma bag for $2950.

    LMK what you decide to do. I LOVE exotics.
  4. they're both great "investments". get a chanel for fall and an exotic for winter!
  5. I hear your dilemma & pain! I too was considering one or the other. I think (???) you may get more bang for the buck with Nancy Gonzales. However I am not sure of the resale there and I do know that most of the Chanels do hold their value.

    I guess I would also consider how I was going to use the purse. Is it for every day? Most exotics are a bit more delicate. I have owned both lizard and alligator purses and in my opinion a Chanel caviar can take more of a beating in the every day world.

    Is it likely the NG you like will go on sale in the future? I have seen them at Bergdorf's but do not know how the sales are. The Chanel classics rarely go on sale and you truly have to grab them when you see them.

    Case in point: I just bought a Chanel caviar medallion tote in dark bordeaux (yummy) with silver HW at Bloomingdales. I had seen it a few weeks earlier at Saks but could not bring myself to buy it as it would have been my 3rd Chanel purchase this year and the bank account was not happy!!!! Anyhow a major vacation to China with my sister this October was cancelled due to the fact that my poor brother-in-law could not get 3 weeks off of work. So when this happened I was so disappointed, I decided to get the Chanel. I went to Saks and it was gone. No more coming in in that color... I flew to Chanel on 57th street and the SA called all the other Chanels and no more in that color!!!! I flew to Bloomingdales and no more in that color on the main floor. Upset I ran to the Chanel on the 3rd floor and hidden on the side was my purse!! I bought her then and there. So the moral is you must grab them when you see them.

    Yes I too considered NG but in the end the lovely color and the usability of the Chanel won me over. I also think you get more comments and covetous looks when wearing Chanel. Not that I want to make anyone jealous, but I notice salespeople in better stores seem to treat me better. I also seem to get nice tables during lunch!!!! These Chanels do have their perks.

    I do love that python with the majorly wonderful tassel..... but I needed something for every day.

    Hope I helped you.....

    Fauve :idea: :idea: :idea:
  6. CHanel!!!!!
  7. ...maybe an exotic clutch would be nice & put the rest of the money towards an everyday bag. Something like this would put you near the bracket for a Saks $300 gift card during the next gift card event. That could help towards the everyday bag. ;)
  8. Hey Jill,

    I'm waiting for you to stick your toe in the exotic waters!!
  9. Chanel!

    I'm still bitter about not buying the flap Maxter has. . . it's the one that got away! I'd love a Chanel exotic:drool:
  10. I have been collecting exotic bags and shoes/accessories for awhile now but have been distracted by Chanel lately. I do have Nancy Gonzalez and I think she's the best bang for your bucks, compared to prices of other designers in today's market. I also scour for Bottega exotics when sales hit because their quality and workmanship are truly outstanding, but they are less affordable than NG. The thing is, exotics require maintenance and do show wear rather quickly...so I would factor that into the equation based on your lifestyle. If I were to make a practical decision based on a budget of 3k, I would prob try to find a versatile but not too trendy or seasonal Chanel bag in the 2k range (yes, it can still be done!) then save the rest for an exotic NG (or some other designer) clutch. Nancy bags do go on sale...that way you can have both!
  11. Thank you all so much--wonderful advice!!