Looking for Bella in Citta Rosa and Foresta...

  1. I fell in Love with the Bella style recently. Always loved big bags but now I'm hooked on bella. I would really like a Citta, Citta Rosa and Foresta so if anyone see's one anywhere can you please let me know.
  2. I'll be on the lookout :biggrin: There are some on evilbay.
  3. Does anyone have both a bella and a bella bella?? I love me some big bags, and am wondering how much bigger the bella bella is next to the bella.
  4. Yes I"d love to see a side by side comparison becuase when you see them each by themselves they look identical. I'd love to see how much bigger the bella bella is!
  5. I have a bella bella but dont have abella. Sorry, I couldnt be much of a help !
    But I can tell you tha BellaBella CAN fits TONS !
  6. I have both and I'll take pics tonight when I get home.
  7. so you are now going to be our bella :queen:
  8. Hopefully, if I can find them. I found a Foresta Bella thanks to Honeybefly :yahoo:I just ordered my Spiaggia bella yesterday so now I have 3. And next pay check I'm going to get the black and olive cammo. So for now Jessaka is our Bella :queen:
  9. hehe congrats :biggrin: ..we can have 2 bella :queen:? maybe you can be bella princess?? :lol:
  10. haha:roflmfao:Sounds like a plan;) I can't wait to get my bags. The suspense is killing me. I have no idea what the front of my bella looks like but I made sure that the back has the little boy with the hot dog. He's my favorite on this print. I hope its cute:sweatdrop:
  11. :biggrin: ..i hope its good :biggrin: