looking for beige flap!

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  1. Hi all, after my desperate and multiple failed attempts at a 10c red jumbo, mom and i have decided to settle on beige flap.

    i honestly can't tell which the difference between light beige or beige claire flap jumbo but if you do know of any beige flap avail in US, please let me know!!!
  2. saks should have some med/large or jumbo claire... ( but with the new price increase). I know last time i checked boutiques still on pre order, they are sold out of beige claire at the moment.
  3. BG is filled with everything beige. When you look around their Chanel showroom, it is mostly beige.

    Try calling Joseph @ BG if you are looking for anything beige!!
  4. I saw a beige clair bag yesterday - but it was the m/l. I think this is what you mean by light beige?

    It was at Bloomingdale's South Coast Plaza, California
  5. lt beige IS beige clair. the color code 21209 will tell you for accuracy... i think clair is french for light, or something like that :biggrin:
  6. I am not located in US, so I'm not sure if BG ships to SG. hmm do you know of any chanel boutiques that has it at the moment?
  7. ^ BG ships international
  8. WEEE!

    So beige claire and beige light is the same? hmmm..
  9. ^ that's right... just specify, 21209... GL!
  10. i just pmed her. the last time i spoke to her i was looking for red flap. thank you thank you!!! wish me luck!!