Looking for Beige cerf tote or other colors other then black

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  1. Has anyone seen the cerf tote in anything other then black?
  2. Yes there is also beige. I know Saks currently has some. :smile: HTH!
  3. I:heart:Coco Do you know if there has ever been other colors? I'm dreaming of one in grey but I'm guessing it will continue to be only a dream :smile:
  4. I have seen one in a pale pink before.
  5. i've seen a reddish color
  6. I personally have never seen any other colors in the cerf tote...only heard of them, though I did see a picture once of one in snake skin. I guess that I always think of the cerf as kind of business-like and can't really imagine it in colors other than black or beige but grey would definitely be pretty!!
  7. Me too. There are a few members here who own the cerf in dark brown and in white.
  8. Yes, that's right, I've seen those pictures before. My memory is really short. A dark brown w/GH would be nice too.
  9. I just saw one at London Selfridges this evening. It's dark brown with GHW. Personally I like it better than the black. It's more interesting if you already have a few black chanels.