Looking For Beige And Black Chanel Cambon Large Tote!

  1. Hi,
    I Am New To This Site, But I Am A Purse Addict! I Am Currently Looking For The Chanel Cambone Large Leather Tote In Beige And Black, But I Was Told It Is Discontinued And Impossible To Find. If Anyone Knows Where To Get One From Please Let Me Know. Since I Am New I Really Have No Idea What I Am Doing, So Please Bear With Me!!!!

  2. Your best bet at this point is eBay since we don't allow any buying or selling here.
    If you find one, you're more than welcome to post a question about it authenticity in our Authenticate This! sticky at the top of the Forum.
  3. I'd try calling the Chanel hotline. At this point, I'm sure there is still a piece or two out there, unless they all sold out during the Neiman Marcus sales. But I know the South Coast Plaza store always had a lot in every style and color combination. So if you go to the Chanel site, there is a place where you can find a store nearest to you to call, or you can just call the general hotline that's listed on there. If they can't find anything for you, try ebay, like Swanky said. You can post any authenticity questions on the thread about it on this forum.
  4. i will post authentic ebay links if you want!
  5. sorry ebay only has mediums right now
  6. Hi,
    Thanks for all of your help! I really appreciate it!

  8. ^she tried, see message I quoted. . . .
  9. I could've sworn they had one at Saks by me , i'm going there tomorrow I'll check if it's still there . I saw one in Palm Springs Saks about a month and a half ago , or maybe it was the boutique ? My Chanel guy is great , I'll see if he can track one down for you . He's done the impossible for me before !