Looking for Bal GGH Work!!

  1. Anybody seen Balenciaga GGH Work in Naturel for sale???:flowers:
  2. It sure did!! :ty: I love Balenciaga purses...
  3. Still looking....:search:
  4. This is the bag you are looking for, yes?

  5. YESSSSS Tabbyco!! that is the bag I am looking for... I called everywhere; I can't find it...please keep me in mind if you see it anywhere... :sad:
  6. I have no luck huh!! that is saddd... please let me know if you see it anywhere in Naturel...thank you...:search:
  7. I am never going to be able to find my GGH Work in natural - will I....!?!?!? :wondering:cry:
  8. I would love this bag also!!!!