Looking for bag to carry my Toy Fox Terrier in..read on..

  1. So I had a grad school interview in NYC last week, and I'm crossing my fingers that I get in! :shame: If I moved up there, I would be bringing my Toy Fox Terrier, Sophie, with me. She gets very nervous walking on a leash in large crowds, so I'm thinking I'm going to need some kind of bag to carry her around in. I have always despised people who carry their dogs :rolleyes:, but it looks like I might be joining their ranks, for practical purposes. ;) She weighs around 11 lbs, but her frame is larger than her size would indicate b/c she's built very thin and lithe like a mini Greyhound.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a well ventilated bag that would fit a non-teacup/toy sized dog? I would prefer something that's more like a "purse" as opposed to the "duffle" bag style that hangs lower, but I'm open to all suggestions! :smile:
  2. I never found something i liked that was purse-sized for my pom (she was a couple pounds heavier than your girl. SO CUTE BTW!! :love:). But i did find a nice duffel off of drsfostersmith.com. Good luck for grad school!

    P.S. I am thinking of a toy fox for my next dog when the time is right, would you be willing to PM about your experiences with the breed? I always like to try and find someone who has owned one to get some info. :smile:
  3. honestly- eBay has some cute ones...i have bought a bunch for my babies
  4. Aw, shes so adorable.You're going to get strong carrying her around. :amuse:
  5. My doggie is pretty small and fits good in a regular handbag :smile:
  6. OMG, I have a TFT too, mine is almost 7 years old and 6 lbs! THEY ARE THE BEST DOGS EVER!!!!! It is hard to find carriers because their legs are long... !

    Here's mine!