looking for bag numbef 1o

  1. have the black, brown, white and red covered ....

    whag color would you go for next and what do you think (besides the cabas, which i have) would be next on you list? I still want practical versus novelthy . i was thinking navy blue but that looks to clos to black and my skin tone is tan all year round so should i get another whiite? Not to sure what next season's palettes or styles are other than the silver and gold reissues and i am not a 'bling' type of person, my bags are not super fancy at all ... the fanciest one i own because of the shine is the red diamond shine tote.

    any ideas would be appreciated.
  2. I would try to find an older reissue, in grey or the dark gold.
  3. I'd go for beige or grey:yes:
  4. i dont think i want another reissue ... i want something different and unique